Zealy Competition


Invite 10 fren in our Zealy community. The invited user needs to complete 1 quest for an invite to count.


(1) Join Syntrum Community on Zealy

Join the Syntrum community on zealy if you haven't already joined and complete the onboarding quests

(2) Follow Syntrum on Twitter

If you are yet to, follow Syntrum on Twitter and claim the point for this quest

(3) Like and Retweet Competition

Like and retweet the competition announcement.

(4) Invite 10 Frens on Zealy (most important)

To invite frens to Syntrum community, do the following:
Step 1: Go in your profile within Syntrum's community on zealy, and get your referral by clicking on the button "invite frens".
Step 2: Send your referral links to your friend so they can join our community on crew3 and claim their first quest.
You can check your number of invites in your profile.


This quest will auto-validate if you have 10 valid invite.