Syntrum Intro

Syntrum is a blockchain ecosystem that offers users, builders/creators, and projects seamless access to dApps, web3 tools, and blockchain infrastructures. Serving as a borderless one-stop platform where users can conveniently access a wide range of both in-house and third-party web3 products.
Through equipping these users with the necessary tools and technologies, while fostering an incentive-driven environment, Syntrum empowers them to expand their capabilities, actively engage, and collaborate with one another. This dynamic ecosystem is instrumental in driving the widespread adoption of blockchain-based technologies and products.
The Syntrum Blockchain offers the following features:

True interoperability

The Syntrum Blockchain utilizes a master network (kyrios Chain) that synchronizes with other blockchains through a parallel mirror network technology, allowing dApps to operate seamlessly across all blockchains without the need for bridges.

Gas Free Transaction

Syntrum Blockchain revolutionizes the way we transact by offering gas-free transactions. Our innovative PoS-PoV consensus mechanism and optimized dApp bandwidth leveling network architecture make this possible. No more network spamming issues - just seamless, gasless transactions.

White Label dApp Solutions

Syntrum is more than just a blockchain infrastructure - we offer white label solutions through our dApp-as-a-Service suite. We empower builders and creators in DeFi, GameFi, and NFT products and applications with effective and scalable technologies.

Decentralize and Secure

Syntrum uses a hybrid PoS-PoV consensus mechanism, ensuring the security and decentralization of cross-chain interactions. Our super node validation adds an extra layer of security, eliminating the risk of a single point of failure.
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